Anxiety: Mounting Magazines

I read a lot of magazines. And by a lot I mean that if I’m not careful, my bedroom starts to look like the periodicals section of a bookstore (stray coffee cups included). When I decided to aim for about a book a week, I definitely got nervous that it would make keeping up with my subscriptions tricky.

Magazine Logos by Jim Parkinson

Photo by FontShop on Flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons

And then Tuesday night rolled around. I was tired. It had been a long day at work (followed by a run) and my eyes could barely stay open long enough to make a peanut butter sandwich for dinner, let alone read. But when I spied the Glamour on my nightstand, I felt a little perkier. The coverlines practically called out to me, tempting me to peek inside. Diving in totally re-energized me, and my worries about keeping up with my favorite monthlies (and one weekly) dissipated. There’s no way I could ignore them; I simply love them too much.

What magazines are your must-reads?