Summer Wish List

I’ve always been a list maker. To-do lists, dream lists, goal lists, pro/con lists, shopping lists… you name it. So when Mike and I found ourselves losing track of the places we wanted to go (let’s eat at that restaurant…soon! or what was the name of that place we wanted to check out?) of course, we decided to keep a running list. It’s a shared Google Doc, and we add to it (and refer to it) constantly.

Now that the weather is (or was) starting to warm up, I’m thinking about my summer list. Here’s what’s on it so far:

-Movies in the park

-Lots of trips to Long Island

-Fire Island with my niece

Lilly and I on the ferry last summer. Hands down the best day of summer 2012.

On the ferry last summer

-Shakespeare in the Park

-Camping/canoe trip with Mike and our friends Jon and Jamie

-Lots of happy hours on our roof deck

-A Pacific Northwest road trip

-A trip (or two) to Maine

Any suggestions of things I should add?