Escaping the Urban Jungle

When I was a teenager, I wanted nothing more than to live in a city. I chose Northwestern in part for its proximity to Chicago, fell in love hard with London when I studied abroad, couldn’t wait to move to NYC when I got the job at Good Housekeeping.

So I wasn’t surprised to be enamored of city life. I was surprised, however, by my need to regularly get the eff out of town. The noise, the crowds, the concrete… it grates on a girl after a while. And though I never would have considered myself the outdoorsy type before, I now see hiking and camping and leave-the-city-behind trips necessary to my well being.

Which is why my girlfriends and I found ourselves on the 9:44 a.m. Metro North train to Beacon, NY this weekend, where we took a leg-pumping hike up to a reservoir.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Diamond

Photo courtesy of Jessica Diamond

Now we just have to choose our next outdoor adventure. Where should we go?