National Book Awards: Which Longlist Books Have You Read?

An editor of mine once told me that when all the best books lists come out at the end of the year, she downloads free sample chapters for all of them to her Kindle. Then, she knows she’s picking from a quality list when she’s figuring out what to read next, and doesn’t accidentally leave anything out of the pool.

This week, the 2013 National Book Award Longlists were announced. I’m sad to reveal that I haven’t read a single one of the books on the list (yet!). But, 3 of the ten fiction finalists are already on my “to-read” list (they haven’t come up on e-loan at the library), and I’m adding another 4 now.

The ten fiction entries.

The ten fiction entries.

Which of these have you read, and do you agree with their inclusion on this list?

Photo credit: National Book Foundation