Monthly Archive: December, 2013

Happy Holidays from NYC!

On my way home from a surprise evening at the theater last night, I stopped by to see the tree for the first time this year. Despite the cold and crowds, Christmas is… Continue reading

Best YA Books of the Year

I’m thisclose to finishing the 50-book challenge, but I still have to squeeze in 4 more books by New Years. My new catch up strategey: Read YA. My friends read tons of YA (it’s… Continue reading

How Was the Food?

That’s the second question most people have asked about my recent Japan trip. (The first is “Was it crazy expensive?” and the answer, surprisingly, is no.) In a word, the food was fantastic. When… Continue reading

Japan Trip!

As promised, full pictures from our recent trip to Japan. We went to Tokyo (with a day trip to Hakone) and Kyoto, and spent a night at Koya-san, the center of Shingon Buddhism.… Continue reading

The Busiest* Intersection in the World

I’ve been absent from blogging the past few weeks for several reasons. One of them: I spent 10 days in Japan! I’ll post more photos from our trip, but here is my favorite… Continue reading